Reporting a crime or anything suspicious ...
neighbourhood watch in action ...

The police rely on intelligence from members of the public who can act as their ears and eyes. If you see, hear or feel anything suspicious don’t be shy but report it to the police as soon as you can. Don’t wait or hesitate!”

101                        Police (non emergency number)

999                        Emergency number

0800 555111        Crime Stoppers Anonymously ("no questions asked!"). 

Report online via: Northamptonshire police report a crime

0800 1601022      Emergency Environmental Health Officer

You can report information to us using this website Contact Form. Don’t forget to include the Crime/Incident reference number. These reports provide us with information that we can raise at our meetings with the police. Specific and personal information and details from reports will be kept confidential.

The police always tell us they need "Intelligence; Intelligence; Intelligence!" They need your information on criminal activity and anti-social behaviour but also anything you think suspicious or unusual. Your call is never wasted. Even if you think it might be trivial: Don't stall - make that call.

What sort of things should I phone about?

Immediately phone 999 on anything which is life-threatening or causing serious damage to property and possessions (buildings, car, etc.) and anything that might indicate an active crime

• Complaints about anti-social behaviour. Scenes of potential violence, civic disturbance or damage to property.
• Reporting details of a cold-caller.
• Reporting suspicious circumstances. People behaving in a suspicious manner: for
   example tampering with cars; jumping over walls; climbing fences; climbing roofs; 
   looking through letter-boxes; carrying unusual equipment; loitering near cash-points,
• Reporting unusual activities: unusually parked or occupied vehicles; unexpected visitors
   or behaviour; loitering; unusual groups of people.
• The sighting of equipment or activity which is not normal or part of a recognised