About Us

The Towcester Neighbourhood Watch group was started in 2006 by town councillor Mike Hornett and is fully registered within the national Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Our registration certificate number is 34ND/44/02/06/NHW. We are not a business or a charity but rely on volunteers to make Towcester a better community and a safer place to live.

We inevitably have costs and we are grateful for local businesses, associations, groups or individuals who support our work. We appreciate their help and support. Over the last few years we have received valuable funding from our Towcester Mayor (Town Councillor Sharon McMurray) as one of her nominated charities; the big lottery, and the Waitrose green tokens scheme. We are grateful for this help and support. If you wish to donate please click here to contact us. 

A safer Towcester makes a better, safer community which has benefits whether you are a local employer, business, employee or resident. If you can help financially we welcome your support.

What we do ...

Neighbourhood Watch provides an effective network of local residents who are vigilant in deterring criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

The network operates in two ways:

1. Residents act as the 'ears and eyes' watching out for criminal activity and anti-social behaviour and report this to the police directly.

2. Information received from the police is emailed to residents to disseminate intelligence and make residents aware of any activity.

We also:

• Maintain a network of residents to ensure police intelligence is disseminated within our community as effectively as possible.
• Provide a forum to feedback and contribute to a safer Towcester.
• Work with the police, the Safer Communities Teams, Towcester Joint Action Group and other relevant agencies and groups.
• Install Watch street signs and review other ways of deterring criminal and anti-social  activity.
• Maintain the VAS (vehicle Activation Signs) in various locations around the town on behalf of the town council.
• Run a speedwatch programme in liaison with the Police on several weeks in the year and in several locations in the town. 
• Help promote the volunteer Street Watch scheme which is run by the police
• Help reduce the fear of crime within the community, those at risk, and the elderly
• Provide leaflets and door/window stickers.
• Press publicity as well as attending local events and exhibitions.

Information is primarily communicated via email but also via telephone and mail-drops. If you are interested in helping our voluntary organisation, please click here to contact us.