Towcester Neighbourhood Watch consists entirely of volunteers throughout the community. We are a fully constituted group with a Data Protection Policy and Annual General Meeting. All roles are purely based around information sharing. All residents are very welcome to help us! Membership takes place at three levels: 

Management Team (Committee)
A small group of volunteers responsible for providing the overall direction of the organisation and sharing information as appropriate with our membership and external agencies (police, council officers, Trading Standards, etc.).

Residents throughout Towcester who wish to help share information about local crime and anti-social behaviour, via their Street Reps and Coordinators

To discuss opportunities for you to become involved, please click here to contact us. 

The On-Line Registration Process

To join our scheme please visit the following site:

This will take you to the neighbourhood watch site where you will need to enter your postcode and then select Towcester (S34) from the options (click on the word Towcester). This will take you to a page where our details are given and you can apply to join our scheme by selecting the option 'apply to join scheme'

The registration process will take a couple of minutes. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to continual the registration process (tick the box)  

Name and contact details (Step 1)

You will first be asked to provide details of your name, your phone numbers and email account

You will also need to provide a password that you will use to access you membership details.


Address details (Step 2)

You will need to supply your address details. Entering your house number and postcode will cause it to fill in the rest of the address information automatically. A map will appear that shows where you live.


About You (Step 3)

This page will require to provide details about yourself. There are 8 questions whose answers you select from a drop down menu. There is a ‘prefer not to say’ option if you do not wish to give an answer

(Questions you will be asked: Age group, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, ‘how did you hear about us’, Nationality, Religion, and Sexual Orientation.


Your Community Memberships (Step 4)

You will be asked if there are any special groups you would like to receive messages from. Select any of these that interest you


Joining Neighbourhood Watch (Step 5)

Clink on join to become a member of Neighbourhood Watch


Joining the Towcester group (Step 6)

To join the group select the ‘Join Us’ option

You will then be asked to identify your scheme. Select Towcester(S34) for our group

You are then asked what your role is from the drop down list, select the ‘applying to join’ option

NOTE:, steps 7 & 8 do not apply, so you will be taken straight to step 9

How we can contact you (Step 9)

A number of options are provided, select any that you may want. Or select the last option of ‘opt out of messages’ if you do not want them to be able to contact you.


Who can contact you (Step 10)

In this step you will be able to select what organisation you wish to be able to send emails to you with reports. This includes the Police, Crime Stoppers, Fire & Rescue

Then select the Finish button. You will then be asked to enter a verification code that is displayed on the screen


ONCE Completed you will receive an email asking to confirm that you have applied to join NHW

You will need to on the ‘Click HERE’ part of the email to verify that you have asked to join. It will then take you to the Northamptonshire neighbourhood watch page. You can safely shut this down.

You also receive an email thanking you for joining the scheme