Protecting your home and possessions

SmartWater helps police to recover stolen property, and can significantly increase the chances of criminal prosecution. It is a solution, used to mark personal property, which is visible under ultraviolet light and contains a unique chemical DNA code that links the property with it's rightful owner.

Mark you valuables with this invisible solution, which contains a "DNA" chemical which is unique to the owner and registered in a central database.
Police will check recovered items for signs of the SmartWater chemical to help return property and support prosecution.

Northamptonshire police have committed to checking all arrested individuals and all recovered properties using ultraviolet light, and will link SmartWater traces back to the crime.

SmartWater is available to Neighbourhood Watch members at a significantly discounted price.

To order SmartWater through Towcester Neighbourhood Watch, or to find out more, please click here to contact us.

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